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So after reading DamaiMikaz san's journal Will You Be My Friend?
I felt the sudden urge to write this, and well yeah.

I understand in past experiences that people have different ideas and ways to have a friend and get accepted as a friend.
Will you be friend? I would say yes but no one asked me that before. 
Right now I just moved into college as a freshman and I'm worried everyday.
What if I don't make friends? I'm really socially awkward.
I never got bullied in my life, no, I got ignored most of the time. Since the first day of kindergarten to fourth grade I was ignored by my classmates and sometimes avoided for reasons I'm not sure about, to the point that I sometimes wished someone would bully me. So I was loner till fourth grade, no big deal some of you might think right? Right. I moved somewhere else at fifth grade and I made "friends" simply because I started to shut away my childish high so I would be less annoying. And some kid finally talked to me and I followed her group everywhere, they let me. After a year I returned to the school I was going to before. I wasn't ignored like before but I was awkward and had no idea what to do. I wanna talk to people so badly but I have nothing to say, what do I say? 
Well from that point on things got better for me I got real awesome friends, my best friend left me for another group of friends at some point. But after years of getting use to I could be myself and talk, laugh, open up with my friends.

So I graduate, and we all go our separate ways.
And I'm back to square one, no friends, but I can make friends right?
Its a bit early to lose hope since only a bit over a week past and I couldn't make any friends. But I am panicking inside and worried as hell. Everyone seems to already become buddy-buddy with each other, I went to as much social events as I could but I'm always the quite and awkward one at the corner. My high school group of friends are already busy with their new life so getting in contact with them is a lot harder now. I'm guess I'm just a natural loner.

I met a lot of nice people. But being with nice people is not the same as being friends with them, being friends and being friendly is different. I don't care is someone is around me or if someone is a million miles away I can be a friend. If you message me I will be there and answer back as fast as possible. I would love to get to know new people and become friends, as long as you can prove to me that you can be a real friend as well and honesty is crucial too. I wont say no to you as long as you can be the kind of friend who actually cares about me. I agree with becoming friends with the kind of friend DamaiMikaz san's journal had explained. I will listen to your problems, your crappy jokes, teasing, random crap as long as you do the same with me. If you just wanted a short chat that's fine too, but if your gonna talk to me and disappear randomly I will be disappointed and actually get depressed. Then I might flame you depending on my mood. :D If you're just gonna talk shit to me I will tell you to happily fuck off. :)
There were some times when I thought "I don't need friends" but really, friends are important. 
Yeah, I know, I crave recognition and acknowledgment. 
I know that not much people are going to read this journal entry but still its worth a shot.
I have no special traits or talents and am not particularly good at anything,
but will you,anyone, be my friend?

P.S. I will reject friend requests if you're a psychopath, creep or something in that category. :)
Have a nice day
  • Mood: Embarrassed
  • Listening to: Set the World on Fire: BVB
  • Reading: Sinner: Ted Dekker
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: My crappy cooking
  • Drinking: Water


human1123's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
South Korea
If your reading this it means you want to know bout me (no shit man!)
ahem anyways! Im asian, big shock there huh
Im a mk and for those who dont know what it is its no big deal so ignore it
so. random information
I LOVE Deidara!!! mwahahaha yes i luv him and his art (sorry sasori) im a major narutard and damn proud of it
im a artist and am proud of that too
im a pyromanic....kinda....hey! its fun! :D
There is a possibility im a psycopath....nah haha im just messing with ya...or am i?
Rock music is my life, manga is my life, noodles are awsome, sleeping is amazing, llamas are llamas
and im a korean girl living in Africa you didnt know that? well know you do
I love art, and so far i hav done painting which i suck at, drawing, woodworking, pottery, and will soon do 2D art later on in life
I like storms cause their loud, i mean i listen to rock in volume will-make-you-deaf
im not emo i just like the colors black and purple alot and i just happened to buy black clothes since their easy to match and i have no sense of style
i will eat you if you criticize me for something stupid
i will hunt you if you report me for something i did not do
i will stalk you if you piss me off
i will kick you where the sun doesnt shine even though your a girl, it still hurts since im basically kicking you for no damn reason
and i will love you and give you a cookie if you befriend me :) or favorite my drawings hehe
and....lets see wat else are there?
well i read alot of manga such as : Naruto, Katekyo hitman reborn, D gray man, Bleach, Nabi (manhwa), Platina (manhwa), soul eater, soul eater not, dullahan (Durararara), Black Butler, etc etc etc hehe
Im a writer (though i suck), a artists, bookworm (sorta?), and a drumer (once again i suck at it)
I suck at alot of stuff and im good at lazing around
I have two elder sisters, with me as the youngest with three dogs that will eat you like a peanut butter sandwich, i love akatsuki since their all smexy like hell and they deserve to live for the fun of it and if you didnt know road to ninja is the next movie of naruto with all of akatsuki alive which is awsome and now im babbling and becoming talkative so you better kill yow self when they on yow tail black trench coat blood clouds and dark nails.shinobis wanna play buit they wont have it fuck around get eatun like a sandwhich.if u know treason then understand that a goal is achieved when you plan it with a jutsu to put u in darkness. cook you and leave you hartless.with the beast they break the market SO THEY RAPE ANY VILLIAGE THAT WANNA START SHIIIT!!!.
are you confused?
you should be
mwahahahaa peace out

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