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It's ART! by human1123
It's ART!
My contribution to draw the squad but I can't seem to find the original reference pic in the sea of other draw the squads so blep.
I finally got my first drawing tablet!!! And yeah, used a reference thing to practice and I love it.

Sassy: Get your disgusting drooling hands off my face!
Oh yea and I broke Deidara's finger :P

Art is a boop.
Dude on a Longboard by human1123
Dude on a Longboard
Just a dude on a longboard.
Had to increase the contrast all the way up in the darkroom due to the film being really hazy.
Forgot what this project was called but it was moving with the subject. Clear subject, blurry background.
Project: Movement
So its my birthday.
Yeah you needed to know cause it sucks.
Not only am I older than my favorite character but I have been working on my final exam the past 24 hours and I'm still not done. I don't think I will be done in time and the professor already given me an extension. Why? Cause I broke down in front of her. Yeah, fun. She probably is very done with my all my shit. I don't really remember ever having a great birthday actually. Maybe a few which I can count in one hand. But overall, birthdays don't excite me anymore. I never expect much and the sad thing is my expectations are met and sometimes worse. Some people told me its great that my birthday is on this particular date cause its either the end or almost the end of the school year. But that means a lot of final exams overlapping and everyone including me is too busy to give a shit. Kinda makes me guilty to all the people in facebook who wished me a happy birthday cause no, I'm not happy. I feel like crap, I didn't do anything today except try to get my sleep deprived ass up to finish my exam. 
I felt like venting to someone but I didn't have the heart to do it to one person cause they already have enough on their hands. So here is a journal for anyone who has the time of their day to just read it and be like oh, well that sucks. Yes, thank you for understanding. 
Happy belated birthday to Deidara who will never age cause he is fictional and he already died at age 19.
Goodbye teenage years and get the fck away from me adulthood, I don't wanna.
Ok, I'm done. 

More drabbles:
20 is such a craptastic number. Its like a Zetsu year cause his age is N/A.
But I guess it will be Itachi year next year (Itachi: 21) for me. Every year that is not related to any other akatsuki member's age is zetsu year. Ehehehehe.
  • Listening to: Holding on to you by 21 pilots
  • Reading: Mortal Instruments
  • Watching: Gurren La....smthing
  • Playing: Sims
  • Eating: Shin Ramen with kimchi
  • Drinking: Orange juice


human1123's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
South Korea
Human1123 here!
Basic info about me, Imma human.
Loves anime, total Narutard in love with Deidara of Akatsuki.
And I'm a artist :) I use all kinds of media; I've worked with papers, watercolor, color pencils, acrylic, clay/ceramics, wood, collage, etc etc and I like em all though painting is hard...
I like cute things, dark things, gory things, pretty things, i like unique stuff.
It never happened to me before and I want to keep it that way. So just ask before taking actions.
I'm friendly! I love making new friends whether online or face to face though I'm more 'myself' when chatting online. (I'm a total introvert face to face unless I get to know a human online before i meet them, sad i know.)
I take requests for free since I think that my skills aren't good enough for points right now.
In return I ask for a nice chat! :)
I'm super open minded (unless your hating on my akatsuki babies! lol jk)
I am a TCK (third culture kid) so yeah.
I lav tea and noodles and food.
I-ball Tongue is my first OC, my first design is on my skateboard.
I have several other drawings of I-ball Tongue but I just didnt have a opportunity to take a pic and upload em. Ill do that later on.
Have a awesome life.

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